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Lectures or Workshops


To book me for a lecture or a workshop just send me an email on so we can discuss details. I can do lectures both live and over video link, I got the equipment to make that happen with pretty good quality (Razor webcam and Zoom 6H mic). Either you supply the streaming client or I do (I prefer Zoom streaming client). Doing workshops online is a bit harder but maybe you have a solution, let me know!


Topics Lectures


Create a creative space – Built on my experience as a festival organizer and as a Maker who started a Makerspace.


To make space – How to think and act to give focus on your creative process. Tips and trix but also my own way of doing it.


Topics Workshops


Draw your creative process – This workshop is made in collaboration with Transit Kulturinkubator and is booked through them. A workshop to make visible your own process and its needs. This also gives a base for putting value on it when it comes to charging customers for your artistic work.